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NiceAlarm 1.7

NiceAlarm 1.7: NiceAlarm is outstanding alarm manager for S60 smartphones Alarm main features: * Six alarm types. * Alarms filtering. * Vibration option. * Sound folders selection. * Standard and Stand-by alarms. * Alarm text messages support. * Extended customization options. * Alarm optional deactivation code support. * Minimal server part among similar applications. * Extended sound support (tone selection or random tone). Try NiceAlarm by yourself to explore all possibilities and alarm functionality improvements. Detailed

NiceAlarm 1.7: NiceAlarm is easy-to-use phone alarm being served to underline your punctuality.
NiceAlarm 1.7

alarm it takes less than 10 seconds. NiceAlarm is mostly generated as nokia alarm. If you are looking for mobile alarm you will be able with no problem to install it instead of in-built phone 5800 alarm, n73 alarm, 70 alarm, n95 alarm or 5500 alarm, etc. There are diverse features that NiceAlarm contained: - Six alarm types; - Alarms filtering; - Vibration option; - Sound folders selection; - Standard/Stand-by alarms; - Alarm text messages support

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Niceclock S60 for Symbian v7,8 2.0: NiceClock - skinable Screensaver, Voice informer, Keyboard locker
Niceclock S60 for Symbian v7,8 2.0

Alarm and Organizer. NiceClock v.2.0 contains: 1) Screensaver with fully skinable watches and indicators, 2)Voice informer, 3)Keyboard locker, 4)Organizer, 5)Alarm manager. Features inside: 1) Powered by accurate clockwork that always shows you precise time, 2)Improved graphical engine. You`d never before glance at your mobile with such pleasure, 3)Lot`s of functions. Helps to customize your smartphone, 4)Energy saving technology. Functionality brief

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SMS Dispatch Manager 5: SMS Dispatch Manager allows you to receive timely notification and alarms
SMS Dispatch Manager 5

alarms which are transmitted to the SMS Dispatch Manager and then to your mobile phone. Since SMS Dispatch Manager is entirely autonomous of your network, it gives you additional security because even if your entire network crashes you can still receive notifications on your mobile phone. The LoriotPro SNMP Manager can forward any events to the SMS Dispatch Manager. The event is sent to a recipient list configured in the SMS Dispatch Manager Interface

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XCLOCK S60 3rd v2.0

alarm time, only by speaking, not by using hands, thereby allowing you to agilely realize time management work of various complex events enjoyably with Xclock! Once owning it, you own a never tired, never mumped small living secretary who can forever work healthily and warmly without error! 1.Xclock has 5 alarm modes, including A. Event alarm; B. Period alarm; C. Week alarm; D. Month alarm; E.Year alarm. The 5 alarm modes plus down counter and stopwatch

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Ultimate Alarm Clock - With Instant Ligh 1.0: Ultimate Alarm Clock - With Instant Light, Light Up Room When Alarm Comes On
Ultimate Alarm Clock - With Instant Ligh 1.0

alarm app? No, this is a bonus feature for iPhone 4 users, however, the alarm is fully functional for all iOS devices. ★ FEATURES: ✓ Vibration Only Alarm ✓ Front Light With Alarm (Must Have) ✓ Automatically Display Local Weather Conditions ✓ Set Alarm To Play Your Favorite Music ✓ Alarm Snooze ✓ Customize Snooze Time ✓ Setup Multiple Alarms ✓ Customize Alarm Display Settings ✓ Shake The Alarm To Turn On/Off ✓ Battery Power Indicator

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Round Clock 2005 3.0: Atomic alarm clock with digital or round view. Sends emails and plays sounds.
Round Clock 2005 3.0

alarm - Animated icon on task bar that indicates upcoming alarm on tooltip Alarm Manager - Create alarms for single occurrence or recurring events (birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, appointments, meetings, and other important events). - Customize the type of notification: alarm message, playing music, run application, send user-defined e-mail message to specified e-mail addresses. Task Tracker - Trace the time you spend on specific task working

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